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제목 G-20 등록일 2019.06.28 19:18
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By Lee Jihae 

President Moon Jae-in will visit Osaka, Japan, from June 27-29 to attend the G-20 summit. 

In a June 28 session on the world economy, trade and investment, Korea will share the efforts and results of its drive toward creating an inclusive and innovative country and emphasize the need for cooperation among G-20 member states to tackle global economic issues such as trade conflicts. 

In another session the following day on alleviating inequality and achieving an inclusive and sustainable world, President Moon will explain the national job policy Korea will adopt next year to help those not covered by unemployment insurance. He will also share data on his country's rapidly aging society in addition to comparative analyses and governmental policy exchanges. 

The president will note that Korea last year set its goal of sustainable development and urge global cooperation for sustainable prosperity. 

He is also expected to emphasize the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, which also aims for peace in Northeast Asia, as well as hold bilateral talks with the leaders of China, Indonesia, Russia and Canada. 
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